Dalattourist owns and manages 7 well-known restaurants in Da Lat:

  • WAYFARER RESTAURANT: Located in the city center, right opposite Da Lat Market, Wayfarer Café is right on a street that every visitor will be on during their trip to Da Lat.
  • LÉGUDA VEGETABLES BUFFET RESTAURANTLéguda Vegetables Buffet Restaurant: Nicknamed the “veggie paradise” on top of Robin Hill – the highest place in Da Lat’s central area, here you can enjoy fresh vegetables sourced from local farms to your heart’s content, while enjoying the fresh air and the view of Da Lat city from high up.
  • DATANLA RESTAURANT Situated among windy pine forests, Datanla Restaurant does not only bring you authentic Tay Nguyen cuisine but also provide you with a space to become one with nature’s majestic wilderness. 
  • THUY TA RESTAURANT On the shore of Da Lat’s poetic Xuan Huong Lake, Thuy Ta Restaurant brings you elegantly decadent meals, giving you’re the best, most pleasant dining experience in the heart of this small city.
  • THUNG LUNG TRAM NAM RESTAURANTA secret paradise hidden at the bottom of an astounding valley, Tram Nam Valley Restaurant was the successful location of Da Lat’s 100th Year Anniversary, standing out for its unique Gong Music Festival specially performed by Tay Nguyen’s ethnic minorities.
  • LANGBIANG RESTAURANT Consisting of a ticketing area, tourists’ waiting area, souvenir stands and a restaurant serving beverages and snacks for visitors, this is considered to be the most modern waiting area among Lam Dong’s tourist attractions up until now.
Gọi ngay: (+84)98 1166 088